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Videlligence 2.0 Commercial License

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In This Short Video I’m Going To Offer You The Agency & Commercial License For Videlligence 2.0 .


The Opportunity To Sell All The Videos You Create To Clients Or To Offer Video Creation As A Service.
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This Commercial & Agency License Applies TO ALL Video Templates Inside Your Account .

So If You Grabbed Our PRO and/or Template Club Version Your Commercial Licenses Will Cover ALL Of Your Templates :)

If You Grabbed The Basic Version, ALL Your Current Video Templates Are Covered By This Commercial License .

That’s Why The PRO & Template Club Upgrades Make So Much Sense & It Would Be Insane To Miss Out On This Incredible Agency License Upgrade.
Having The Agency/Commercial License At Your Disposal Allows You To Generate Revenue With Videlligence 2.0 RIGHT AWAY !
  • Sell Any Video You Create To Clients
  •  Help Local Businesses In Your Area
  •  Create Videos As A Service
  •  Charge A Retainer Fee For Monthly Video Creation
  •  Sell Your Videos On Freelance Sites
The Money Making Opportunities Are Just Incredible
Videlligence 2.0 Does 90% Of The Work.

Just Plug It In & Customize The Templates For Your Clients !

And Remember, You Can Create As Many Videos As You Like For As Many Clients You Like. More Money Made!
Businesses Need Help With Their Videos & Video Marketing - They All Know They Should Be Using Video But They Have ZERO Clue How To Do It
They Want More Leads, More Traffic & More Sales Period.

This Is Where You Come In !

With Our Commercial License You’re 100% Free To Create & Sell Your Videos Any Way You Like .

This Option Is For Go-Getters, For Achievers Wanting To Really Finish This Year Strong & With Momentum .

So You Can Create Unlimited Videos For Your Clients, You Can Provide Video Creation As A Service .

You Can Sell Your Videos & Video Creation Services On Freelance Sites or Fiverr Or Anywhere Online .

You Can Help Businesses In Your Local Area Offering Video Marketing For Their Companies.
There Is So Much Money Making Opportunity With This Agency & Commercial License
Best Part - You Can, And You Should, Charge Monthly For This Service.

Clients Want More Engagement, Traffic & Leads- The Perfect Recurring Income Stream For You! 

Recurring Revenue. Getting Paid Month after Month. How Awesome Is That?

Like I Said - This Opportunity Is For The Marketer Ready To Step It Up!
Let’s Recap. If You Take Action Right Now, You Get:
  • The Full Agency & Commercial License
  •  Agency License For All BASIC Templates
  •  Agency Lic. For All The Club Templates
  •  Agency Lic. For all The Club 2 Templates
  •  Able To Sell All Your Videos To Clients
  •  Charge For Video Creation Services
  •  Charge Monthly Retainer Fee
  •  Make Money With Videlligence Right Away!
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Videlligence 2.0 Commercial License

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